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Bath and Body Extravaganza

Welcome to Diane Tackie's Bath and Body.  I love bath and body and showing people the wonders and joy that you can get out of bathing.  The many selections of scents and products that I have carefully selected allows me to show you what I look for in bathing.  Some items are new and others are more of the delicate bath saundries that one can never get enough of. Step into my world of paradise and take a piece of tranquility home.

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Do you need to get that tension out that is buried deep within?  Well you have come to the right place.  Diane Tackie offers you soaps made of shea butter, loofah, and goats milk; creams and lotions that will make your skin feel velvety smooth, lip therapy to make your chapped lips kissably soft, fizzies and bubbles to rid of those back troubles, and much more.  All made of fine ingredients that your skin will thank you for the treat.

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